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Teen Mom: Chris Lopez says Kailyn created Fake Drama

Lopez states she created fake drama for the cameras

It looks like good ol’ Kailyn Lowry is having beef with one of her baby daddies again (what else is new?!?).

Credit Chris Lopez Instagram

This time it’s with Chris Lopez. Chris has been pretty vocal on how he’s more or less trying to distance himself from the show. Chris made it very clear that he was over the cameras when he threw a fit at his son’s birthday party. His main motto is to have his privacy when it comes to himself as well as his kids, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
But it looks like Kailyn is trying to rope him in on something regardless. Now Kailyn is stirring the drama pot by going on a rant after Chris threatened her with legal action because MTV caught him on their cameras when he stated his stance on being filmed on numerous occasions. Kailyn would call him “ridiculous” for being mad about being on the show.
Chris continued to state that Kailyn was purposely creating fake drama with him just for the sake of the MTV cameras and storylines.
The Sun revealed that in numerous Instagram stories, the couple we back and forth trying to place the blame on one another, which led to some crazy posts. I say give the man his privacy!



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