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Teen Mom: Chris Lopez gets into it with a Troll

He slammed ‘ignorant’ trolls for saying he wasn’t Creed’s Dad, due to his skin color

Recently Chris Lopez took to Instagram Live to have a little Q & A time with the fans.

Credit The Sun

During the session Chris talked about how he had to turn his comments off, stating that he had done it because people were ignorant:
“Why I gotta turn my comments off cause people be ignorant?”
One of the questions brought up how Creed was white, in which Chris had the following to say:
“My son, yes he’s white. My son is white. So? His mom is white, it’s okay. If Creed had dark hair ya’ll probably wouldn’t say that… Just cause he has blonde hair. I don’t even know how genetics works but I’m not dumb, I understand things,”
Chris would then bring up Kailyn’s other kids as well:
“Have you seen her other kids? Are any of her other kids dark? No. Not even Lux, but y’all do not question that he’s not my son… But because this one has white skin and blonde hair, y’all wanna keep saying stupid s**t. Focus on your own kids.”
Chris would capitalize on the notion of fans focusing on their own kids, stating that If he was to go as low as them how would they feel about it?
I mean the man’s not exactly wrong.



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