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Teen Mom: Cheyenne Floyd and Zach introduce Ryder to Ace

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Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis, welcomed their first bundle of joy to the world on May 29th

Recently, Cheyenne took to YouTube to reveal a video of her daughter Ryder meeting her baby brother for the first time.

The video is no more than a minute but it’s sure to give just about anyone the feels to some extent.

It starts with Cheyenne and Zach arriving home from the hospital with Ace.  Ryder eagerly runs through the front door with her cousin Baaz to see her brand-new brother.

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She stops and stares for a few seconds at the new brother in her life, as her cousin Baaz gently pats his new cousin on the head.

Zach asks for the two toddlers to be gentle as Cheyenne suggests the family move inside. 

Ryder and Baaz bolt into the house and hop onto the couch.  And this is when Cheyenne passes the newborn to his big sister for her to hold him for the first time

The couple fought back tears as the siblings met for the first time.

Cheyenne and Zach didn’t reveal Ace’s face to the world and instead decided to give it some time.  Cheyenne would reveal on an Instagram Q & A with the following:

“Ace is beyond perfect & we wanted to keep him to ourselves for a little bit… we will share him when we are ready.”

Cheyenne and Zach are also in the process of planning their wedding.



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