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Teen Mom: Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis are Engaged

Zach made it official

It seems as though Zach Davis planned a secret little engagement for his girlfriend/baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd.
On Sunday, April 25th, expecting mother Cheyenne was under the impression she was going to celebrate the arrival of her first child during a family-friendly baby shower, with boyfriend Zach Davis. However, Zach would go the extra mile and pop the big question.

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On Instagram he had the following to say:
“Turned my players card in…That’s a bitcoin.”
Nevertheless, the gesture of proposal would change Cheyenne’s world forever:
“Speechless… We said Yessss! Today was perfect! I can not put it into words yet but this is a moment I will cherish forever. Thank you @z.terrel I love youuuuuu!”
The actual proposal appears to be top secret, but attendees’ Instagram posts do show cameras rolling in the background which can only imply that the proposal will be featured on an upcoming episode.

In January, Cheyenne touched upon the possibility of marriage, and let’s face it…it’s been on the minds of fans for a while now:
“It’s definitely a conversation…I just think with COVID and stuff, it puts it on hold. When we do get married, we want to have a big wedding and we can’t do that right now of course. We don’t want to have any limitations for what we want to do. It’s an ongoing conversation but one for the future.”
Cheyenne also briefly touched upon how her daughter Ryder feels about Zach in general:
“She liked him from the beginning…It’s definitely become full circle just because Zach and I dated when I was pregnant with Ryder. Ryder is going to be four this year and now we’re expecting a baby. It’s definitely an overwhelming feeling sometimes.”



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