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Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Separates Daughter From Drug Addicted Father

Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2, has come out with some information admitting that the father Adam Lind of her daughter Aubree Houska has tested positive for meth. Being a teen mom is hard enough, having to bare the responsibilities, stress, and worry that come with having a drug addicted family member can indeed become overwhelming.



We at “Slappies” wish the father and her the best, addiction is a very tough disease and it’s bad enough as an individual but having to go through something so serious as a young teen parent can cause some serious permanent damage.

During the episode, the reality star opens up to the show’s producer Mandi about her ex’s issues with meth.



Chelsea Houska told teen mom producers that she is really concerned that her ex is doing drugs at his house while her daughter is there visiting. Which can definitely cause some serious health issues for little Aubree. In certain states, by her comment, CPS the agency which protects children from unhealthy living situations and or abuse would spring into action over this, and we don’t doubt that they will unless she does commit to keeping her daughter away from such environments.

When asked about how long his drug issue had been going on, Chelsea told the producer, “I’ve heard about it for a long time.”

The teen mom said that she doesn’t know her ex as a drug addict. She stated that he was not on drugs while they were together and that this is something new to her. She also said that she can’t picture him as a drug addict.

Chelsea is now married to Cole DeBoer and is no longer pursuing any sort of romantic relationship with Adam.



According to Adams other child’s mother, he has had a drug problem since before Chelsea, whatever the truth might be we hope the families and Adam get the help they need for not only his sake but also the sake of the children! What would you do in this situation? Feel free to share, leave us a comment and tell us what you think.




  1. For one other baby momma Chelsea doesn’t lie specifically about something like that…. Adam may have kept it from here always did the disappearing act all the time on her he never was a good father or a good boyfriend for that matter he was a pos im glad she found Cole so the question remains did she know he was on drugs while with her no she didn’t maybe after the fact she may have so other baby momma get the truth first before u vomit from the mouth ?


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