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Teen Mom: Chelsea Houska in hot water after editing photos of Walker

Teen Mom fans are furious with now-former fan-favorite Chelsea Houska.

Hellfire and brimstone rained down on Chelsea when she posted a before-and-after photo to illustrate the color changes she made to a snapshot of herself and five-month-old Walker.

The photo was filtered by Belle & Rae Co, a company that Chelsea co-owns.  Their goal is to create “next level photos with our Lightroom presets”.

Here’s the photo in question:

Credit Instagram

Fans were quick to attack Chelsea with comments such as:

“I think she’ll regret having zero unfiltered photos when her kids are older,”

“The before looks so much better,”

“Seems so unnecessary to edit the original,”

Other fans were quick to defend Chelsea:

“It’s not as if you lose the original photo when you apply the filter … she can keep both, ya know,”

“Lmao this is so dramatic. I don’t think the only photos she has of her kids/ with her kids are the filtered ones on Instagram,”

“This is literally how she makes money and is her brand/aesthetic. Who gives a f–k if she changes the coloring on a photo.”

If you want my opinion?  I’m kind of torn.  I think Chelsea looks better in “before” and Walker looks better in “after”.  I’ve yet to throw in my two cents on her Gram, we’ll see how I feel later tonight.  I personally think filters are awful and that people should just embrace their natural looks.  I see way too many girls who look great as is, use a filter that makes their cheeks a shade of red that just looks inhumane.

But hey…what the hell do I know?



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