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Teen Mom: Chelsea Houska Receives that Heat!

The former Teen Mom Star received a lot of backlash

Teen Mom is a thing of the past for Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, and their growing family, but she’s still in the spotlight regardless.
Chelsea and Cole recently welcomed their daughter Walker June to the world but two months ago, and recently Chelsea’s been chastised for using two-month-old walker to sell glasses from her lifestyle brand.
The post was of Walker sporting a pair of glasses too large for her head, with the following caption:

Credit Instagram

“Walker wants to tell you guys to shop my collection with @diffeyewear …there’s limited stock left, so grab them while you can! Shop the link in my bio.”
The post seemed innocent enough, but fans were quick to jump to the fact that Chelsea was using the two-month-old to promote her product, a few of the comments were as follows:
“I hate this”
“I thought Chelsea quit for privacy? Now she’s using her baby to shill glasses. Amazing.”
“Literally selling out a kid as a prop to sell s**t. Great parenting.”
“Are you using Walker to pay off 3 million in debt, Chelsea?”
The last comment is in reference to an incident last month where Chelsea requested a judge postpone her $3 million court battle because of Walker. Chelsea and Cole were sued by a consulting company for a whopping $3 million for allegedly withholding money made from social media platforms. Court papers concluded that the postponement be from April 2 to July 2 because of “circumstances beyond their control.”
The papers also stated the following:
“unavailable to be deposed and to participate fully in discovery as a result of her recent delivery of a child.”
Regardless of the courtroom drama and the chastising of using Walker June to promote her eyewear line, things seem relatively fine for Chelsea, Cole, and the rest of their family, here’s to hoping things turn out for the best for them.



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