Teen Mom: Chelsea’s EX Adam Lind’s EX GF, says he’s a better person Now

Lind is apparently on the road to improve himself


Chelsea Houska’s ex-baby daddy, Adam Lind has been working on self-improvement.
As you all know, Chelsea and Adam share Aubree (11). Adam has been working hard on improving his relationship with his daughter within the past few months. Lind has a pretty robust record in terms of arrests and offenses, but he stated that he’s currently in a “good place” with Chelsea and Aubree.
Unfortunately, fans weren’t so quick in terms of support with one being quite venomous:

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“I wonder when Adam is gunna leave her kid just like he did to Aubree 😂”
Adam’s ex, Stasia would come to his defense:
“Not only is your ignorance showing but your ugly personality too. I have no kids, I left Adam like 5 years ago, and he’s still a better person than you. Get off my personal page and go learn to be a better person. My God what a disgusting human being you are to not only make such a nasty harassing comment on someone you don’t knows page, but to also act like you know a damn thing because you watch a dramatized TV show.”
Stasia would post a screenshot of the exchange with the toxic fan with the caption:
“Don’t be this person”
Pretty good defense from Stasia when you consider she did at one point obtain a restraining order against Adam for him being quite abusive (fractured her forearm, locked her in the house, smashed her phone).