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Teen Mom: Chelsea Houska asks Court for more time

The former Teen Mom star has been sued for millions

Former Teen Mom star, Chelsea Houska has asked the courts for her July 2 hearing to be delayed until the end of Summer.

Chelsea and Cole’s company C&A Enterprises and The William Gerard Group were sued for a whopping $3 million in April of 2020 by the consulting company Envy, which accused them of “withholding money” they earned from social media promotions.

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Note, that this is the fourth time Chelsea and Cole have asked for a delay in their case.  A court document had the following:

“The parties will be unable to complete discovery by the present deadline due to circumstances beyond their control because, among other things, the parties are exploring potential resolution of the matter,”

“The pandemic has continued to delay the parties’ ability to compile necessary information and documents subpoenaed from third parties,”

Chelsea and Cole asked for the deadline for their fact discovery and fact witness depositions to be completed on September 30th instead of July 2nd.  The court would grant them their request on June 25, but altered some of the proposed deadlines for later steps in the court process.

It should also be noted that Chelsea and Cole denied the allegations proposed upon them and filed a $150,000 counterclaim against the consulting agency in May of 2020.

This is a bit alarming as Chelsea and Cole have been pretty good about keeping themselves out of the public eye since their departure from the Teen Mom program.  Hopefully, this all gets cleared up for the better and soon.



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