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Teen Mom: Catelynn Lowell Breaks Silence on Rumors of Butch Dying

Sooo…You guys remember Butch?  Tyler Baltierra’s father?

A few years ago Butch was a big part of Tyler’s life, but not in the best of ways.  Butch was dealing with some pretty serious substance abuse.  Tyler gave him a few chances and it seemed as though things were improving for him.

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Unfortunately, Butch would relapse, which inevitably lead to Tyler putting some distance between the two.

Fans are now convinced that Butch passed away…

Catelynn Lowell took it upon herself to address those nasty rumors that are floating around the interwebz.

“There have been reports I’ve been informed of stating that people think that I inferred that Butch died based on me sharing information regarding the fact that we don’t talk to him anymore,”

“I want to be VERY clear: BUTCH IS ALIVE, very much so.”

“BUTCH IS NOT DEAD and has not passed away,”

“When we say we’re no longer in touch with him, sure, that’s a death of sorts as it’s a death of a relationship we worked long and hard to try to maintain. “

“But to say Butch is dead – or that I implied that – couldn’t be further from the truth,”

To clear this up ONCE AND FOR ALL- no, we have no relationship with Butch other than an occasional text. No, Butch is not dead. No, Butch has no relationship currently with our children. If Butch was ever to change – which he would have to do for himself – and prove that he could sustain that change for good, our door is always open to having communication with him. But, for now, this is where things stand.”

So, there you guys have it.  Butch is alive and well!  😀



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