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Teen Mom: Briana is pissed that Luis is absent in Stella’s life

Fans have mixed feelings about the two’s recent actions

Briana appears to have a conflict with ex Luis Hernandez.
Fans are well aware of how absent Luis is in not only Briana’s life but their daughter Stella. With a good amount of fans stating that Luis’s overall absence has negatively affected Stella.
In a recent episode, Briana received a bewildering text from Luis, in which he asked if he could talk to her and spend time with Stella.
The text message was completely out of the blue and it shook up Briana’s fragile world to its very core.
Briana would take both Stella and Nova to meet Luis at an indoor trampoline park. Of course, Briana was very hesitant, considering how unreliable Luis has been in the past. Unfortunately, Luis didn’t show up to the event. Briana was heartbroken at having to disappoint her daughters once more.

Fans were quick to not side with Briana, having witnessed Luis’s shaky behavior. With a good amount of them not buying into Briana’s tears in regards to Luis’ absence.
“Shut up with your pathetic bulls**t. You did it with nova and now your[sic] doing it with Louis[sic]. YOU KNEW WHAT HE WAS ALL About. You got yourself pregnant. DEAL WITH IT !! MTV GET RID OF THIS HORRIFIC BAD INFLUENCE!”
“Walk away and make sure you’re getting child support. He’s a dirt bag. Start choosing better guys and keep your legs together!”
Of course, some fans were supportive:
“Big hugs it’s not your fault bre don’t blame it on you there’s nothing you can dk know matter how much you try you can’t change a person that doesn’t wanna be change.”Other fans felt, Luis was to blame for everything:
“Luis begged Brianna to keep the baby and then he deserted them both. He is not a father, but a sperm donor. Stella does deserve better,”
“I always remember that scene. It angers me even more. He has zero effort. He only was consistent when Brianna slept with him. So, she has to sleep with him to get him to see his daughter more than once a year? Like my dude”
Briana recently got into a relationship with a gentleman named Javi. She’s been quite vocal on how this relationship will be different from the last ones…hopefully, that holds true.



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