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Teen Mom: Briana DeJesus sheds some light on Kail’s “cut”

Kail Lowry wasn’t on the last episode of Teen Mom 2.
Kail’s been somewhat vocal about the “cut”, stating that she’d reveal more on her Coffee Convo’s podcast. Aside from that, it’s unclear as to why she wasn’t included in the upcoming episode.
Instead, Tuesday’s episode was predominantly focused on Jade Cline’s Brazilian butt lift and overall recovery process while in Miami with Briana. Viewers were quick to chime in on Kail’s absence with one fan innocently asking:
“Did bri cut kails part?”
Briana would interject (of course) and that was when the nails came out!
“We sure did.”
Briana would blatantly take a shot at Kail through her coffee convo’s podcast on Instagram, asking the following:
“We had more footage to show and u didn’t so technically I’m right????”
Kail would catch wind of the drama and come out guns blazing on an Instagram story. While tagging Briana, Ashley Jones could be heard in the background of Kail’s video calling the mother of two a “punk a** b***h in the motherf***king comments. B***h, put a name on it!”
Briana would retort, implying that Kail’s cut from the episode had to do with her previous arrest debacles:
“Kail doesn’t want to film about breaking and entering into Chris momma house and beating him for cutting his child’s hair.”
Briana would elaborate saying that Kail didn’t appear on the show to avoid talking about her arrest:

Credit Instagram

As you all know, Kail was arrested on September 26thy for attacking her ex-baby daddy, Chris Lopez. The arrest stemmed from her attacking him for cutting their oldest son’s hair (psyyyycho).
Eventually, the charges were dropped.
Ashley would chime in to shut down Briana’s claims in a plethora of comments on her Instagram:
“I’m not fake as f**k and I’m not gonna block you and talk and throw stones and hide my hand hand… You want to fight? Let’s fight. Stop being a weak a**, punk a** b***h. ”Say what you gotta say. Say it with your chest, say it with your implants and mean it.”
Ashley would attempt to clear the air with Briana by sliding innocently into her DM’s:
“I wanted to reach out and say I apologize for any drama that occurred between us in the past.”
She would also extend the apology to Jade:
“I’d also like to extend an apology to Jade, but I’m blocked… Anyways you don’t have to respond. Just thought I’d extended a peace offering.”
Briana made it clear that she didn’t accept Ashley’s apology, claiming that she doesn’t even own a home.
Ummmm, Yikes. Gotta “hand hand” it to girls of Teen Mom to consistently escalate the drama.



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