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Teen Mom: Bentley missing from Recent Family Photo

Fans have given heat to Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards for a photo that doesn’t feature Bentley.

Tensions between father and son have been so bad that Bentley vocally stated to his mother Maci Bookout that he didn’t feel comfortable hanging around him. 

But are tensions so rough that Bentley would turn down a family trip together?

News on the family has been scarce since Mackenzie and Ryan were fired along with Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry. 

Recently, Mackenzie Edwards posted a “beautiful crazy” family picture on her Instagram in July.  The picture featured most of her children, but someone was noticeably missing.

Credit Instagram

“Butttt where’s Bentley 🙄🙄 I hate females like this! He had a son way before you mama 🙌,”

“Kind of rude to not have Bentley in the picture,”

“Bentley used to always go on the Edwards family trips to Florida,”.

It is a bit peculiar that Bentley isn’t in any of these photos.  My top guesses are the following:

A] He’s taking the pictures

B] He doesn’t like being in photos (I went through that phase)

C] He somehow got turned into the dog that’s in the photos

Despite Bentley’s mysterious disappearance, the family looks relatively happy on their little vacation.  Hopefully, we get a photo sooner than later that proves Bentley is with them.



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