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Teen Mom: Bar Smith Fires Gun at Ashley’s Graduation Party

Yeah…he got in trouble

Everyone’s favorite father figure is back in the news, as Bar Smith was arrested for firing a gun at Ashley Jones college graduation party.

The incident happened in May but was aired during Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 finale.

Credit The Sun

Ashley, Bar, and all of their friends gathered around to celebrate Ashley’s college graduation.  After hours of drinking and whatever else they were doing, Bar took it upon himself to give the party an explosive ending by firing his gun.

It should be noted that the MTV camera crew was not present for the firing as the following text appeared on the screen:

“The MTV crew left the party at 9 pm. Later that night, police received a call that gunshots were fired. No injuries were reported.”

“Bar was arrested for willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent matter.”

Earlier in the episode, Bar revealed to Ashley that he had to spend fifteen days in county jail following a previous DUI arrest.

Seriously…dude get your life together. -_-

Ashley would state that she was disappointed in the matter but she refused to let it stop her from celebrating her accomplishment.

Again, this incident transpired back on May 16.  It’s relatively well known that Bar was taken into custody back in May, but the finale revealed the reasons behind that arrest.

Back in May, it was noted that Bar was arrested for the following:

“willful discharge of firearm in negligent manner”

Bar was held at Merced County Sheriff’s Main Jail with a bond set for $25,000.

Bar was obviously released and has announced steps towards turning his life around.  One major decision was to have his face tattoos removed.  Last week Bar, revealed the aftermath of his first procedure to have those tattoos removed:

“It’s all inflamed but first treatment done. Give it a few weeks to start seeing results #RemoveBarsTats.

Hopefully, this dude turns his life around sooner than later. 



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