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Teen Mom: Ashley Jones has Covid

Ashley Jones has contracted Covid-19.

Her mother pastor Tea revealed the news on her Instagram while urging fans for their support in her recovery.

Credit Instagram

She penned the following:

“We are sending all our prayers to Ashley’s household as she battles Covid-19.”

“She is doing ok in light of…. But we expect a full recovery in no time.”

“Thanks for your much needed prayers and support. We appreciate it sincerely and truly #teenmom2.”

“Please pray for a speedy recovery as Ashley recovers from Covid-19.”

Fans were quick to show their support for Ashley:

“Awee praying for her, it isn’t fun had it back in April.”

“Oh no! Take good care of her mommy!

“She needs her mommy right about now!”

“You got this Ash.”

Ashley’s unfortunate diagnosis comes days after opening her own salon.  She had also recently graduated from community college with an Associate in Science degree.  Her boyfriend/fiancé, Bar was unfortunately arrested at her graduation party for brandishing a firearm. 

Ashley would thank her fans for their support in the unfortunate situation she’s currently in.

Covid…as you all know is still running rampant.  With the world being on high alert as more variants spread.  Ashley could have contracted the virus in several ways, here’s to hoping she’s taking the right precautions to keep herself and her family safe.



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