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‘Teen Mom’ And Jersey Shore Collaboration In Latest MTV Crossover

MTV seems to be trying out new strategies to bring in those ratings...

It seems as though fans of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore are in for a little tiny cross over event. Regular host of Teen Mom, Dr. Drew Pinsky is set to appear on the new episode of Family Vacation Season 4.

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It seems as though Drew’s involvement will be to mend wounds and make everyone play nice amongst the Jersey Shore crew. It’s more than apparent that the Shore girls have been at each other’s throats, albeit…viciously.
Everything transpired from Angelina Pivarnicks wedding in which Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese delivered a venomous speech during Pivarnick’s big day. It seems as though the Shore guys have been working in secret to rope in Dr. Drew to help the ladies work through their problems.
Vinny Guadagnino said: “When you see Dr. Drew popping up on the preview, it means that we needed professional help.”
DJ Pauly D explained that all families have their issues, but the recent turmoil amongst the ladies has left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. He said that he “respects” both sides of the fight, but he doesn’t agree with the “extent” the ladies have taken their feud to.
In TouchWeekly touched bases with some of the gang and asked if Dr. Drew could resolve the hostile tensions in which Vinny said: “Hell no.” It was tough enough getting Angelina, Deena, and Jenni in the same room. Snooki didn’t join because she “retired” from Jersey Shore after the wedding of infamy.
Pauly remarked that it was tough to get everyone together in real life and television: “We couldn’t believe it actually happened.”
In a recent interview on The Jenny McCarthy Show, Jenni blamed Angelina for Snooki’s departure from the show that launched her into stardom. According to Jenni, some fans warmed up to them when they realized that the girls had no intention of making Angelina upset at her wedding. They stated that the speech was a joke but the bride left the room in tears.
Find out what happens this upcoming Thursday on MTV.



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