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Teen Mom: Amber Portwood ex, Andrew Glennon ordered to pay a fine

The issue involves time with their son

Amber Portwood’s ex Andrew Glennon has been ordered to pay a $500 fine.
Allegedly, Andrew went against their custody agreement by refusing to let her see their son, James on Christmas week. Amber also claimed that Andrew failed to complete the necessary intake documents and pay the retainer for the Parenting Time Coordinator. Amber’s exact words:
“held in contempt of court,”
Wildly enough, this could mean jail time for Andrew as it certainly resulted in a fine seeing as he failed to follow his court order.

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The Sun revealed that an Indiana judge sided with Amber, seeing as Andrew was found in contempt of court for her January 6, 2020, and December 23, 2020 filings, as he’s been ordered to pay $250 for both occasions.
The court papers were as follows:
“[Andrew] has knowingly and willfully disregarded the Court’s Orders of November 19, 2019. Petitioner is in Contempt for his failure to comply with this Court’s Orders of November 19, 2019.”
The December 23, 2020 court filing states that Amber was supposed to have James from noon to 9 pm on Christmas Day on the same hours on the second half of Christmas Break.
“[Andrew] has failed to comply with this court’s order to initiate the services of the Parenting Time Coordinator and [Andrew] is again attempting to deny [Amber] holiday parenting time over Christmas vacation, in violation of this Court’s Order.”
Bear in mind that Andrew did fight back. In one court filing, Andrew provided a calendar from October-December.
The calendars showed that in October, Amber allegedly asked to postpone her visitation with James four times, one was due to poor weather, twice on the account of feeling sick, and lastly, because her dog felt ill.
In November, she requested two visitation postponements because she felt sick and because of the weather. Andrew would respond with two visitation postponements.
In December, Amber would cancel three times. This time it was for poor weather, once for feeling under the weather, and lastly for a scheduling conflict.
Recently, Amber filed a petition to modify parenting time, claiming there has been a “change in circumstances” that “warrant” a change to their custody agreement.



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