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Teen Mom: Amber Portwood backlash about her son, goes against Kristina Shirley

This time it’s over an Instagram Post

Amber Portwood has flown off the handle again, this time it’s in regards to an Instagram post from this past Easter Sunday (maybe they should just all quit social media for a week? Portwood would share an Easter pic of her and her daughter Leah with the following caption:

Credit Amber Portwood Instagram

“I know you are going through a lot and there are many things I need to do to make things right. However, I will always love you, my beautiful daughter. Love you 💕and Happy Easter 🐣” It’s no secret that Amber and her daughter Leah’s relationship is all but perfect, and hey…this actually seems like a step in the right direction for her/them, especially when you consider that Amber just about missed Leah’s birthday. But…A commenter (appropriately named mother_goddess_machete_queen) left the following remark and that just pushed Portwood into berserk mode: “Where’s the pic of you & James..oh yeah I forgot” This comment was a blatant stab at Portwood for her 2019 arrest where she attacked James’ father/her ex, Andrew Glennon with a machete. Amber’s response was to throw not just shade, but an eternal pit of darkness at Leah’s stepmom Kristina Shirley, because that totally sounds like the logical response.
“I have 1 question for her…How does it feel knowing she doesn’t have joint custody of her daughter the same as me because shr [sic] chose this life over her. Shr [sic] has no excuse for that. Not one thing!”
“She should be ashamed to even act like she’s such a great mother. SHE HAS NO PICTURES OF HER OWN DAUGHTER ON HER INSTAGRAM.. Honestly it’s sad.”“And I feel for her.. Remember I use [sic] to talk to HER daughters “bonus mom” and I was told everything! She can’t even have her daughters name mentioned on the show! People come at me like I’m a mess when the truth is I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from people.”
She would continue to fire at Kristina: “Where’s her own daughter in any picture? Be honest. Yes I made mistakes however I have changed for the better!! She’s not a bonus mom she’s an opportunist who cries if Gary doesn’t by [sic] her a coach bag….truth..and i’ts sad she chose this over HER family. Shr [she] got scared because me and Leah were hanging out more!!”
“Sorry I made a mistake in the past with people however we all know what was really going on when shr [sic] cheated on her husband. She needs to take some pictures with her kid not mine 24/7. I think theres some guilt issues personally. I see her with my daughter compared to hers and it’s like she’s not even there.”
“I feel bad for her personally. People can take this how they want. It is the truth…she is an opportunist who puts pictures of my daughter on her Instagram for clicks. I said my piece and I’m at peace with this personally.”
Seriously…lay off the social media for like a day, I personally think it would help tremendously.



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