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‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Jade Cline Upset with MTV for Setting her up

Cline was very unhappy with how MTV presented an incident involving her daughter

Jade Cline is very unhappy with MTV for their portrayal of an incident that took place on the December 8 Teen Mom episode. She strongly believes that they casted a “negative” light on the situation.

The episode captured her daughter Kloie’s temper tantrum as well as a bad fight with her boyfriend and father of Kloie, Sean Austin, as well as her emotional breakdown over the two’s tainted relationship.

Credit Jade Cline Instagram

Cline wrote on Twitter:

“What’s sooo [sic] funny about this is they secretly filmed all this without my knowledge. Basically lied to my face and said we were done filming and me and my mom we’re [sic] having a private conversation that they decided to take upon their self [sic] to record while I had no idea. Annoying AF,”

The scene stemmed from a dinner celebration for Kloie’s 3rd birthday. During the meal Jade and Sean got into a heated battle over the fact that Sean didn’t want to work while completing his GED. After the fight, Jade and her Mom, Christy spoke about the situation in which Jade revealed that she wanted to break up with Sean, over their differences.

Cline wrote on MTV:

“It seriously blows my mind how MTV only shows horrible negative s–t on my story. I’m sick of all the bulls–t I’m getting from people saying I’m a bad mom. I do everything for my kid. You guys see five minutes of a bad day and assume that’s my life every single second. Dumb. Moms are allowed to have bad days. Everyone has bad days, kids have bad days. Some days are harder than others. You guys just don’t have your s–t broadcasted on national television. Trust me, I know you people aren’t perfect either,” Jade added. “That high and mighty s–t is for the birds. Literally begging for the day one of you weird obsessed psychos says some s–t to my face instead of online.”

Fans on social media criticized Cline’s parenting over the scene in question, stating that they didn’t think she was doing enough do discipline Kloie during her temper tantrum. Cline defended herself stating that she got her “ass beat” when she was a kid that she didn’t want to do that to her daughter despite the circumstances.



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