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‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Chelsea Houska receives Social Media hate

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska shared photos of her new home in development only to receive hate from her Instagram Followers

Chelsea Houska is ecstatic over the building of her new home. However, fans on her Instagram are feeling differently about this major milestone for the former Teen Mom 2 star.

Last month Houska shared a photo of her new property on her Instagram, showing the black exterior of her house as well as the plot of land surrounding her house which is still under construction.

Credit: Chelsea Houska Instagram

Houska revealed her property on Instagram with the caption “When was the last time I showed the exterior? My dad went out and got some really awesome drone shots the other day and I HAD to share.

I just love it. Crazy to think how close we are to being done!” However, a large number of her followers aren’t as enamored by her property as she is.

Many of the comments were slandering the house as “Ugly” as well as chastising it for being black. One Instagram user wrote, “That house is WAY to black. Yuck”.

While another remarked that with her budget she could have chosen something gorgeous as well as slamming the view of her cornfield.

Yet, not all of her followers were so venomous, with a good amount praising her house color and the plot of land that’s still in development.

Many commented on how they loved the house color and that they couldn’t wait to see what the finished product would look like in the near future.

Others remarked about how it was beautiful and congratulated Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer on this big step in their lives. And a fair amount simply commented with the “fire” emoji.

Credit: Chelsea Houska Instagram

Regardless, this is a major step in the lives of Houska and DeBoer who aren’t only moving into a new home, but welcoming a third child.

The couple have two kids, their daughter Layne and their son Watson. Houska also has a ten-year-old daughter who she shares with her ex Adam Lind.

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