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Teen Mom 2: The Emotional Farewell for Chelsea Houska

An Emotional Farewell to Say the Least

Tuesday’s reunion special of Teen Mom 2 marked the final appearance of series veteran Chelsea Houska.

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Houska provided some more information in regards to her departure on the reunion episode: “I was losing sleep over this for weeks. To me, it got to the point where it didn’t feel right anymore, it didn’t feel it was good for my mental health… “It wasn’t an easy decision…This has been my life since I was 17. To say this was a scary decision would be an understatement.”
Eventually, her husband Cole DeBoer would join and clarify that Houska’s monumental decision wasn’t an easy one: “She knows I’m right behind her and whatever she wants to do, I’ll be right here.”
Houska would elaborate the following: “It came down to Aubree. You know your kids and what’s best for them. As a family, we were all kind of feeling the same way…I cherish the open relationship I have with Aubree. When I would see some scenes of her and I alone talking, when I tell you it made me sick, I did not like how it made me feel anymore.”
What followed was a tear-jerking montage presented by Dr. Drew that highlighted Houska’s remarkable duration with Teen Mom 2. Highlighting everything from her relationship with Adam Lind, to her relationship with Cole DeBoer.
Houska would conclude her duration on Teen Mom 2 by providing a message to her seventeen-year-old self:
“I would just say that you are good enough and it’s gonna be okay and just keep f—ing going,” she said, “it’s going to be amazing.”
Best of luck to Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer <3.



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