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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Tyler Baltierra Shares Cryptic Message after Catelynn’s Miscarriage

Tyler penned another poem last year following the decision to put Carly up for adoption

Earlier this week Catelynn Baltierra revealed the heartbreaking details surrounding her miscarriage on Thanksgiving. On December 10th her husband posted a rather cryptic message in regards to Catelynn’s unfortunate news.

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Sometimes I feel so lonely I think I need some company to save me from my thoughts& hold this broken heart…before it’s torn apart

Tyler said that the poem was written when things were “heavy”. He shared a picture of the woods with the following caption:
Every time I look in my mind I only find nothing but lies just want to feel Something that is real I don’t care if it’s pain I just want something I don’t want to die I want a safe space to cry

Someone please help meRelease all these memories

I don’t seek any pityI just want someone to hear meI don’t need any sympathy

I just need someone to hold meTo show me that love can be healing

Tyler talked about how he saw writing as an important way for him to heal: “Life follows a quirky pattern of/ Weaving fate’s fabric/ Maybe it’s not meant to be understood?…/

Just experienced as it happens/ To gain wisdom for future patterns.” He didn’t directly say why he wrote the poem but commented that he wrote it during a time when his life felt very heavy. He also wrote on how writing was his safe space:

“Writing is my safe space, but I’m sharing this in case someone out there can relate. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU ARE LOVED! KEEP GOING!”Roughly a year ago, Tyler wrote another message in regards to his oldest daughter Carly, whom he and Catelynn gave up for adoption. The reason behind the big decision was because Carly wanted a life away from the cameras that the two parents had become a major part of.

On December 19thhe tweeted: “I wrote this thinking about my daughter & how she’s just growing up so fast. I wrote this thinking that if anything ever happens to me & daddy isn’t there to remind her how beautiful & strong she is, she can at least read my words & remember how worthy she is to be loved.”

His poem from last year was as follows:

Don’t ever let a man be the reason you build walls don’t ever let a man be the reason you feel small don’t ever let a man be the reason not to stand tall he will try to burn you down with his insecurity-fueled matches but you’re a woman, like a phoenix with enough power to rise from his ashes & fly past every weakness that he tries to capture like an eagle who flys too high, What lies beneath her doesn’t matter all that matters is her wings that carry her freedom through the sky You’re worth so much more than wasted time & you’re worth so much more than false love that’s unkindNow lay your hand on your chest, repeat after me and close your eyes your worth is never defined by the love from a man your worth is defined by the heart that you hold in your hand’



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