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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Faces Medical Issue with Baby Creed

Kailyn Lowry shared a terrifying experience during Creed's Birth

It appears as though Kailyn Lowry has experienced some unfortunate bumps in the road when it came to giving to Creed at home.
On the December 8thepisode of ‘Teen Mom 2’, Lowry told producer Patrick that baby Creed wasn’t breathing, and to make matters worse he was also tongue-tied, an issue that would be clipped as soon as possible.

Credit Kailyn Lowry Instagram

Lowry said: “When I was pushing him out, there was a moment where I pushed, and I didn’t feel another contraction. So the midwife was like, ‘You need to push. I need you to push. I need you to do it because’ whatever.

So he comes and he’s just completely not breathing. And the look on Chris’ face was just like — [he was] terrified.”Fortunately, Lowry was successful in getting Creed to breathe again.

Lowry also spoke on how the terms are between herself and her ex Chris Lopez. She stated that Chris was very concerned when the issue of Creed’s health came into the question. She said that he’d only bought a box of diapers and has yet to see the newborn since he was born.

However, she also stated that the two were on good terms when she was giving birth and Chris was nothing but supportive. She then closed by stating that she didn’t want Chris in her life to “f**k her kids up”, and that she had to pick up the pieces of the mess she created and keep pushing.

A doctor later specified that baby Creed wasn’t tongue-tied, so he’s in the clear in terms of that



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