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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Lowry Changes Son Creed’s Last Name

Rising tensions between the two provoked the name change

It’s more than apparent that there are negative tensions between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez. Lowry’s believed for years that Lopez has never been around for her and her kids.
Lowry had such negative feelings towards Lopez that she left his name out of their first child’s name, calling him Lux Lowry due to Lopez’s consistent absence. Yet, Lowry would eventually show shades of sympathy with their second child Creed, born on July 30, going with the name “Chris Romello Lopez”

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Seeing as tensions have grown even more toxic between the two, Lowry has sporadically changed the name of Creed to “Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez”. Lowry made the name change official when a fan asked what Creed’s full name was through Instagram, in which Lowry responded:
“Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez now”
Fans were quick to ask if she was hyphenating all of her children’s names, but Lowry didn’t respond.
Lowry would reveal on her podcast Coffee Convos’ that she was giving Chris Lopez another chance to step up as a father. She would tell co-host Lindsie Chrisley: “So this is another attempt of me trying to give [Chris] a chance to step up as a dad. Nothing I do is going to change someone else’s behavior; however, I feel this is me giving him another chance to, like, not argue about the last name and try to be there.”
Lowry would reveal that Chris hadn’t seen Creed since he was born, this would only increase the animosity between the two. Tensions hit an all-time high when Chris took Lux out for a hair cut and cut off his hair without Lowry’s consent. Lowry would reveal the new haircut on Instagram with the following: “Parenting with a narcissist be like” in which she was clearly referencing Lopez.
Lopez would retort in his defense via Instagram video, claiming that he wanted Lux’s hair to be short and that she was lucky he didn’t have the stylist go even further with the chop. “If you wanna be real, I was basically telling the girl keep going. I’ve been wanting to cut my son’s hair. So the fact that I cut off a little bit of his edges, she’s lucky I didn’t f**king scalp his a**….That’s my son. So If I decide to make a decision on my son, I can,”



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