‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowry Fight for Custody of Isaac

Rivera opened up about the complications of dealing with a custody case at a young age


Jo Rivera shed some more light on his fight with Kailyn Lowry in terms of custody for their ten-year-old son Isaac. Jo talked about it on the podcast Baby Mama No Drama, and stated that he had Isaac when he was relatively young and that he was unsure of how to navigate the legal world. He hired an attorney but didn’t explain to the judge himself on what he wanted. Looking back, Jo wishes he fought harder.

Credit Ashley’s Reality Roundup

Jo stated that he didn’t think there was any reason to share 50/50 custody with Lowry. He believed that he didn’t fight hard enough and that he didn’t think there was any reason for Isaac to not be with him:
“I was young, I was naïve, I didn’t know my rights, what I deserved to have, what my son deserved to have. I was just trying to get what I could. ”Jo admitted that he was lucky to be financially stable so that he could comfortably afford a lawyer:
“There was no recourse other than me hiring a lawyer and fighting as hard as I could. And I couldn’t imagine someone who didn’t have the resources that I had because I was blessed enough to be financially stable at the time when I really had to start getting into these fights because if not, Kali would have just outspent me. I mean, that’s a thing. People need to understand that.”
Jo further remarked about his age being a major issue for when the complications arose: “ “It was tough for me, a young kid with a kid trying to just have what I thought was a natural-born right which is to be with my son. “If you don’t have the representation or the knowledge, someone can just really just fight harder than you because they have more money and it’s true.”


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