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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Baby Name Secrecy

Chelsea and Cole have decided to keep the name a secret

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska has been providing her fans with day by day updates on the road to her delivery for her and Cole DeBoer’s baby girl. With her delivery date closing in (February…but it could be January) she and DeBoer have yet to reveal their daughter’s name.
Chelsea said: “So many people are asking about the baby’s name. I wish I could tell you guys.”

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Houska admitted that she’s very sensitive with names and that they’d rather keep the name to themselves until the baby was born. She commented: “Because I don’t want to hear anyone’s input since I don’t want it to sway how I’m feeling. So we’ll keep it to us until she’s born. But we’re just so happy with it. We love her name.”
Chelsea also detailed on how she’s been very emotional during this pregnancy. She wrote: “Ohhhhh baby. I’ve been SO emotional this pregnancy…everything I buy I’m like oh my gosh what if this really IS the last time buying tiny little newborn items. I’m soaking in all kicks, swollen ankles, and back pain this time around because I really am so grateful. I’m the luckiest mama.”
Houska and DeBoer announced that this would be their final season with ‘Teen Mom 2’ so they could focus on establishing their brand as well as their ever-growing family. Rumors began to sprout from this huge announcement that Houska and DeBoer decided to leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ over COVID-19 concerns. When a fan asked her if their departure was linked to the world-wide-pandemic, Chelsea stated that she and her family made the decision before the pandemic hit. The question arose after Chelsea revealed that she had an “issue” with her three-year-old, Watson, and two-year-old daughter Layne being tested for the virus. To ensure safety, members of the cast and crew were tested routinely for COVID-19.
Chelsea tweeted:
“Next week on #TeenMom2..I wanna hear from some mamas. If your littles (mainly 2&3 year old) were afraid of getting the covid nasal swab test… Would you be okay with testing them 3 times a week?!” she tweeted. “This was an issue that came up during filming for us!”
Chelsea would confirm that COVID-19 wasn’t the reason for her and her family’s departure, but their own personal agendas.



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