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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus and her Sister Brittany Have Another Sibling You May Not Know About

Some Big News is on the Horizon

It seems as though Brianna DeJesus is getting her own hour-long special: Teen Mom 2: Brianna’s Family Secret.

Credit InTouch

The hour-long special will appear to focus on the startling revelation that she may have a long lost brother. A recent clip showed Briana revealing the news to sister Brittany: “I don’t know if you knew, but you have a brother.” It also seems as though the news was broken to Briana prior to the reveal and of course…emotions were stirred between herself and her mother, Roxanne: “It wasn’t hiding! It was trying to protect you.”
Brittany would remark with animosity: “Are you kidding me right now?” she shouts before leaving and slamming the front door.
Unfortunately, it appears as though tensions are arising between the DeJesus family when things were on the road to becoming much better.
Briana DeJesus gave her sister the gift of friendship this past holiday season.
Brittany stated that her sister bought her plane tickets for her and two of her friends so the sisters could be reunited. On a Twitter post, Brittany posted: “I’ve been going through the worse depression these past couple of weeks and my sister went ahead and flew 2 of my best friends here for the weekend to try and cheer me up,” she tweeted. “I’m in a mini panic but also full of so much joy. Like wow… my friends, family, and God really got me.”
Brittany would also remark that her and her friends had been tested for Covid and that they had tested ”negative” prior to their flight.



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