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Teen Mom 2 Reunion: Briana vs. Devoin

Teen Mom Reunions are always a hoot and a half, and this season’s reunion was no different.  Let’s deep dive into what happened shall we?

The highlight of the event was between Briana DeJesus and Ex-Baby Daddy, Devoin Austin.  Initially, Briana was asked about her current relationship with Stella’s father Luis.  Brianna claimed that Luis was essentially non-existent.  She then said that Devoin had stepped in for Stella, even though they only share Nova.  Smiles and tears were spread and shed between the two…

Then Briana made the executive decision to barrage Devoin with child support issues because you know… what’s a Teen Mom Reunion without a dash of Drama?  Brianna wasn’t happy with the initial $250 a month and factored in the fancy threads he buys as well as all the bottle popping he indulges in.  In the end, she believed, firmly, that he owed quite a bit more.  Devoin would mention all the fancy things she buys such as Christian Louboutin heels (wtf are those?).  Briana would say that was all “extra” money and that she was still struggling.

Briana would continue to bring the verbal hammer of God down on Devoin, to the point where he got up and stormed off the set.  He did end with telling Briana that he’d be fine with her asking a judge to decide on a reasonable amount.

Leah and Kail would reminisce about how much they changed over the past ten years.  While Jade and Briana talked about Miami.

Overall, a pretty wacky finale led by the one and only Briana DeJesus (who ironically didn’t do much during the actual finale). 



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