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‘Teen Mom 2’ Ratings Hit an All-Time Low

The show's seen a steady decline in ratings

It seems as though the ratings for ‘Teen Mom 2’ have hit an all-time low. For just about ten years, fans have witnessed the crazy drama as it unfolds for these iconic Moms. However, as of late it seems as though viewers are losing an overall interest.

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The show seemed to take a hit after the firing of Jenelle Evans, as the ratings dipped to around 800,000. Following episodes dropped to 700,000 and then 600,000 before eventually dropping to 544,000 in October.

In November the show hit its lowest ratings yet which was 541,000. It is expected that the show’s ratings will drop even more with the departure of Chelsea Houska and her family. A major speculation as to why the ratings are declining comes from that of social media. Numerous cast members have taken to their social media platforms to broadcast and share their daily life to life situations…Live. Fans are now getting the drama they want from their favorite cast members, comfortably throughout their day to day lives.
Fans were able to see the drama unfold between Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin through their phones. They were able to see the entire text conversation that Devoin laid out against Briana. Weeks if not months before MTV’s program. We’ve also seen day to day updates on Chelsea’s pregnancy with her and Cole’s upcoming daughter.

The power of social media and the unfortunate COVID-19 could be the core factor as to why there’s a significant ratings decline for Teen Mom 2. The cast members are forced to stay home, forced to stay relevant through their phones and their social media outlets. Only time will tell on how much of an impact that will make on the future.




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