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Teen Mom 2: Producers Fired over the Show’s declining ratings

Jobs have been cut because of the low ratings

I think I’ve done two…maybe three articles regarding the declining ratings for Teen Mom 2.  Now it appears as though some folks have lost their jobs due to the severe decline in ratings.

On Friday it was reported from The Ashley that the higher-ups at MTV terminated some of the well-known producers due to the show’s devastatingly low ratings.

The producer’s primary objective is to get all those juicy and authentic storylines for you wonderful viewers and they haven’t been cutting it.

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The source claimed:

“The production company recently got in a lot of trouble because the ratings of the show are so bad.”

The network higher-ups are demanding that some changes be administered to ensure the show’s future.

“The network is really hammering down on how filming is done and the level of access,”

“The producers have been told that they are failing to get the full story from the girls, and not pushing to capture what is actually going on in the lives of the girls”

“They feel like the producers have allowed the girls to walk all over them. If the girls don’t want something covered on the show, the producers don’t press them to film it. The network wants the girls to put their life events on the show, not just the things that make them look good.”

It should be noted that the ratings for the second half of Season 10 have been low since the premiere.  The July 1st episode was also considered to be underwhelming compared to the usual viewership.  In my previous articles, I notated that the ratings seemed to be on a steady decline, and it appears that it’s continued till now.

There are quite a few contributing factors to why the show’s ratings continue to decline.  A notable one is the departure of fan-favorite Chelsea Houska.  As we all know, Chelsea and Cole made the executive decision to step away from the cameras to focus on their ever-growing family (smart).

Another issue is the mere fact that a lot of the best drama is via the star’s social media outlets.  On top of that, fans who follow their favorites will get the news then and there.  The show would generally cover these topics but they would be months from when it transpired.

As for the producers who were axed?  The only name to come to the surface (so far) is Kristen Schylinski.  Schylinski was the former producer of Jenelle Evans, and she continued forth with the program after Evans was fired back in 2019.

Briana Dejesus posted a tweet that took a jab at the now terminated Schylinski.  Her tweet read the following:

“Wonder which girl won’t have their favorite producer anymore #briwasright”

The picture associated with the tweet was a screenshot of TheAshley which had a picture of Kristen Schylinski.



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