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Teen Mom 2: Mackenzie McKee Speaks Out About Her Cousin Following Affair

McKee believed an 'emotional affair' was transpiring between Josh and her cousin

Back in June of 2020 Mackenzie Mckee believed there was an emotional affair between her cousin and her then estranged husband Josh McKee. Now she’s opened up about the situation stating that:

Credit: MTV

” She’s dead to me.” McKee would elaborate how the situation came at a poor time since she was also dealing with the death of her Mother due to cancer. McKee stated that at the moment she was in a relationship with someone else: “That was when I started like, you know, drinking…medicine. I would push people away, I’d move them out, I’d get so angry. I’d just, like, break stuff. And I was in another relationship.” It was around this time that McKee started to think something was going on between Josh and her cousin. She didn’t outright think they were sleeping together but she did believe something was going on between the two on an emotional level: “I truly, in my heart, believed it was an emotional affair.” “It really caused a lot of drama…Like this year, my family canceled Christmas because of me — because of me, because of what I did. And I was like, ‘I never said you two were banging. I said you two were texting and it wasn’t ok.” McKee also said that she didn’t think it was right for Josh to go to her cousin about advice about her: “And I still think that he shouldn’t have went to a woman for advice about me. And I don’t talk to her and she’s dead to me. Josh was dead to me at first too.” She also elaborated on the fact that at one point her, Josh and her family were all very “close-knit” and that the incident has had drastic repercussions on her family: “But after that, I don’t speak to that side of the family,” she said. “I don’t speak to her. So, you know, I hate her. She hates me. It is what it is. And at that point, I planned to hate Josh for the rest of my life.” However, at the moment McKee and Josh appear to have put their differences aside for their kids. Josh has moved to Florida to be closer to her and their three kids: Gannon (9), Jaxie (6) and Broncs (4). McKee closed by saying: “So now we’re just kind of letting things play out.”



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