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Teen Mom 2: Leah Messer’s Daughter pressures her to start Dating

Leah has been off the Dating train amid her Tumor Drama

On the July 6th episode of Teen Mom 2.  Leah Messer met with her doctor in regards to the lump on her breast.

During the visit, Leah asked the doctor if the tumor had grown since their last visit.  She also asked if there was an option to have it removed.  Unfortunately, the doctor said that they would need to run more tests and do more scans before coming to that conclusion.

While she was with her sisters, Leah expressed her concerns about removing the lump in her breast.  Stating that she wasn’t sure what her breasts would look like after surgery, and she was even more concerned that they would “deflate”. 

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On a lighter and more charming note, Leah had a heartfelt discussion with her daughters about her dating life. 

While hosting some “girl time”, Leah asked her daughters Aleeah and Addie, if she was missing a “crush” of hers.

Aleeah would turn the tables and ask:

“What about your crushes?”

Leah would respond:

“What about my crushes? I don’t have a crush”

Leah would also ask if the question was her daughter’s way of telling her to date.

Alleeah would say:

“You do need to go on a date. You need to actually find someone nice,”

Their adorable little reasoning behind them wanting their mother to date?  So she could have some to “take the trash out with.”

Awww…que coote. <3.

Leah would reveal that she doesn’t want to date just anyone, but someone who would be a “good role model” for her daughters, and that she’s “okay with being alone.”

During a private interview, Leah would say the following in response to her daughters questions about her dating life:

“I don’t feel pressure to date right now. I know my girls keep talking about it. I want to be physically, mentally 100% before I add anyone else to my life,”

“It’s so important to me that I show my daughters a healthy relationship.”

I think it’s good for her to sort through the major issue at hand, but it is very sweet that her daughters are looking out for her dating life.  Hopefully, Leah gets well soon and can get back out there.



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