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Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans is a New Mom All Over Again

It appears as though Jenelle Evan’s is a mom all over again…but under a different circumstance.

Credit JE

On November 25th, a stray pit bull showed up at the end of Jenelle and David’s driveway. Jenelle posted on her Facebook that she was lost but no one came forward that it was their dog. The post read

“If anyone lost a pregnant pitbull in the Delco area please let me know. Thanks!”

Credit JE

A couple did come by to see if it was theirs but concluded that it wasn’t. It now appears as though the pit bull is the mom to nine new puppies!

Credit JE

Known as “Little Mama” by Jenelle and David, the stray mom gave birth Sunday morning to nine beautiful and healthy puppies. Jenelle took to her Instagram and showed the lovely puppies with their Mom.

An official statement from Jenelle reads:

“The puppies are healthy and happy. The mom did a great job!”

Pit bull’s are known to be dangerous but also known to be extremely loyal to their owners. Jenelle, David, and their family may have ten loyal companions to guard their new property.



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