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Taylor Swift Has Joined The Dark Side Is The New Songs Release Date Subliminal?



Some artists can take us on a ride of surprises from time to time. Taylor Swift is making a twist that will have her new song in your mind for weeks. One of her main focuses as a music artist is to surprise her fans. Ms. Swift is now bringing a dark side we weren’t sure was really there. Her new hit, “Look What You Made Me Do” is making some fans raise some eye brows and they absolutely love it.



Where is this “dark” side coming from? A dead Taylor and now a new Taylor? Some just prefer the old Taylor and critics are coming from different angles. Nikki Minache, Tweeted, “Sit down, be humble.” Is someone “hating?” Speculations spark on who this song is talking about. Second shot at Katy Perry? Getting back at Kim and Kanye, perhaps? Did “somebody” claim they made her famous? We have yet to find out more about this new Taylor hit.



Everyone waits for the release of her new album, “Reputation” on November 10th. Let’s see if the rest of the songs in her new album say anything else about this dark new twist. Interestingly, the same date and 10 year anniversary of Danda West passing. We could think there is a subtle intention behind this. Everyone is looking forward to this dark lashing video premiering at the MTV VMA. Taylor released a teaser, a 15-second video on Instagram. It has Beyonce formation vibes, which can be an inspiration of Kanye’s public remark, “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.” There is also a lot of glamorous jewelry in this new video that can also be thoughts of the old Kim. We’ll see what Ms.Taylor Swift really has in store for us.





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