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Tamar Braxton Takes Off Her Wig During The Show ‘See Fans Reactions’


What’s real and what’s not real. The singer, TV Personality and actress, Tamar Braxton tells her audience what she’s all about. Tamar takes off her wig loud and proud showing off her bald head telling everyone, “I am a real woman.”




She loves herself for who she is and if you don’t like her for that, then that is your problem, not hers. She definitely blew her fans away and they seemed to love it! Despite how she has been ridiculed recently by Delta airlines, she kept her skin tough and now comfortable to announce her confidence in her own Tamar Braxton style.





She is who she is and stands her grounds firmly. Ms. Braxton will talk about whatever she feels like talking about, feud with whomever and that’s just what’s up. Let her be an example of sticking to your own true self without artificial layers and fears in confidence. Whether loved or not loved, but the right people will ultimately see the right things in you.





See the video here!




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