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Ryan Edwards provides an update about his son Bentley

‘Teen Mom OG’ Star, Ryan Edwards father Larry has provided a heartbreaking update about Ryan’s twelve-year-old son Bentley.

Larry revealed in an October interview that Ryan hasn’t seen his son Bentley in quite some time.

He further stated that Ryan didn’t want to fight a custody battle as he dealt with his sobriety battle, and stressed that a custody battle would be potentially harmful towards his full recovery.

On top of this, the relationship between Ryan and Bentley’s mother Maci, has not been good

Credit: Ryan Edwards Instagram

Recently, Ryan claimed that Maci has banned him from seeing their son due to his extensive substance abuse concerns as well as his multiple arrests.

Ryan’s latest arrest was in April 2019 for violating his probation.
It’s also been stated that numerous fans saw Ryan’s remarks towards Bentley as hurtful and demeaning and are appreciative and supportive of Maci’s decision to prevent Ryan from seeing his son.

Larry stressed that while Ryan is frustrated with the situation, he has been supportive of Maci’s decisions as to not push him in the wrong direction.

Larry would further emphasize that his son is doing “wonderful with sobriety,” and agreed that a stressful custody battle could cause Ryan to relapse. Larry’s comment was as follows:

“Ryan doesn’t want to deal with it. He doesn’t want to put himself back in a situation…He’s got a family. He needs to take care of himself. Then he needs to take care of them.”



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