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Rob Kardashian Says Hes Broke And Fights For A Modification Of His Child Support While Blac Chyna Sues For Domestic Abuse


The complications in the name of this family are endless. Rob Kardashian is being held against the wall by Black Chyna, his off and on drama cycle.

She filed a domestic violence restraining order against him. Chyna said she can remove the restraining order if he pays her 20k a month for child support. Any financial motives? “Naahh”… Rob’s reality and show biz have gone downhill as well as his stocks. So, his family is taking on what Chyna is asking for child support.

Rob and the family want to fight 50/50 custody of baby Dream, Rob and Chyna’s baby girl. The Kardashian’s are tremendously concerned about the well-being of Dream as they want to be greatly involved in her life. Rob can ask the court to modify child support based on his lack of income lately. So, most likely soon Chyna will no longer be receiving the 20k a month, which most of it “dedicated mother,” Chyna, spends on nannies.



How true are Chyna’s allegations against Rob with domestic violence and how well can she prove her moral character as a fit mother to the court? What will she do when she no longer receives the same amount of child support from the Kardashian’s?

Her next moves are still to be seen. However, the drama will never stop in this family. If it’s not one Kardashian, it’s another. Certainly keeping the spotlight and publicity shinning.



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