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Rappers we Lost in 2020

Lexii Alijai

On January 1, 2020, 21 year old rapper Lexii Alijai was found dead in a downtown Minneapolis hotel room.  Her death was later revealed to be an accidental overdose.

5th Ward Webbie

Webbie passed due to complications related to surgery for a ruptured artery on January 9th.

Tre Koast

Koast was killed in a shooting while parked on his family’s street in North Phoenix, Arizona on January 17th.

Dee Dave

Dee Dave was shot outside his apartment building in Baltimore, Md on January 24. 

Big Booda

Big Booda of Washington D.C. was shot and killed while sitting in his vehicle on February 1st.

Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke died on February 19th 2020 after being shot in his Hollywood Hills Home.

Chynna Rogers

Rogers was a rising model and rap star of Philadelphia, Pa.  She passed over an accidental drug overdose. 

Nick Blixky

Blixky was shot and killed outside a building near Prospect Park.

Mac P Dawg

Los Angeles rapper Mac P was shot and killed in Koreatown on April 6, 2020

KJ Balla

Brooklyn rapper KJ Balla was shot in the chest in the borough’s of East New York on May 22, 2020

King Von

Von was shot on November 6th 2020 outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta.


On November 11th Dallas rapper MO3 was shot and killed during an altercation on Interstate 35.

Lil Yase

Lil Yase from San Francisco was shot multiple times over the Thanksgiving weekend near the EAs Dublin BART station. 

Braxton ‘Brax’ Baker

Braxton passed on November 5th.  Her cause of death is unknown. 



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