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Rapper Lil Mosey Wanted for Rape

The Rapper is Wanted by the Cops in Washington

Up and coming rapper Lil Mosey has gotten himself into A LOT of trouble.

Credit IVN

Lil Mosey (Lathan Moses Stanley Echols), came to fame in late 2017 with his single “Pull Up”. His debut album Northsbest included another hit of his “Noticed”. His second album Certified Hitmaker peaked at number 12 on the US Billboard 200. His most popular song would be “Blueberry Faygo”, which peaked at number 8 on Billboard Hot 100.
The rapper was due in court for second-degree rape on Wednesday but never showed up which now makes the nineteen-year-old a wanted man.
The unfortunate story is as follows:
A woman claimed that she and a friend went up to see Mosey in a cabin but ended up getting raped by him and another man. Apparently, the woman agreed to have sex with Mosey but blacked out after consuming too many White Claws and champagne. She stated that Mosey got on top of her and was pushing her legs apart while he was having sex with her. This resulted in pains in her leg muscles.
The woman would then state that she would wake up to see the other man forcing himself upon her. She would suffer numerous bruises on her arms, neck, and inner knee. She also claimed to have gotten a message from one of the individuals at the party saying that Mosey and the guys were talking about “training two girls.”
If convicted Lil Mosey can spend a maximum sentence of life in prison.



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