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Pregnancy Rumors arise over ‘Teen Mom’ Star Cheyenne’s Baby Belly

Rumors have started over Cheyenne Floyd's recent pics

Pregnancy rumors have swirled about for ‘Teen Mom ‘ star Cheyenne Floyd as fans speculate she’s hiding her baby bump.

Credit Cheyenne Floyd Instagram

Fans have been speculating that she’s been pregnant for a while, while a new set of photos on Instagram only added more speculation from fans. Fans have been noticing Floyd’s strategic arm placement that covers her potential baby bump.

In a recent Thanksgiving post, fans noted that Floyd was wearing all black and strategically placing her arm in ways that covered her stomach. The post’s caption was:

“Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I know this holiday season hits differently for everyone this year and I am praying for your family’s health, security, and happiness. I am extremely grateful for my little family ❤️ love you all!”

Also worth noting was that Floyd’s comments were turned off for that particular post. This notion alone added plenty of fuel to an already brimming fire.

Floyd has yet to say anything, and fans will continue to speculate until the potential big reveal!



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