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Teen Mom: Kiaya Elliot arrested

“Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” star Kiaya Elliot was arrested on March 25th in Virginia and charged with three separate counts.
The charges were as follows: One count of pointing/brandishing a firearm, two counts of Class 1 assault/battery (filed by two different people). It should also be noted that all three of these charges are being classified as misdemeanors.

Credit The Sun

Court papers indicate that the incident took place at a party on March 21’st. Kiaya was attending a party with her girlfriend Teazha. Allegedly a fight took place at the party.
“A guy eventually jumped into the fight and Kiaya claimed he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. Kiaya wasn’t really injured, but she did file charges against the guy for assault and battery and for pointing a gun at her.”
The man in question has apparently been arrested due to the incident. After the man was arrested he filed charges against Kiaya. Another woman also involved in the incident would also file charges against her.
Regardless of the situation, it’s unknown how Kiaya is taking the overall situation. On Kiaya’s Instagram and TikTok she openly posted a photo of her mugshot with the following caption:
“Thinking about the time I took my wig off to wash my hair and got arrested before I could finish taking my cornrows out.”
Kiaya was released after posting $3500 bond.


Teen Mom: Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis are Engaged

It seems as though Zach Davis planned a secret little engagement for his girlfriend/baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd.
On Sunday, April 25th, expecting mother Cheyenne was under the impression she was going to celebrate the arrival of her first child during a family-friendly baby shower, with boyfriend Zach Davis. However, Zach would go the extra mile and pop the big question.

Credit TooFab

On Instagram he had the following to say:
“Turned my players card in…That’s a bitcoin.”
Nevertheless, the gesture of proposal would change Cheyenne’s world forever:
“Speechless… We said Yessss! Today was perfect! I can not put it into words yet but this is a moment I will cherish forever. Thank you @z.terrel I love youuuuuu!”
The actual proposal appears to be top secret, but attendees’ Instagram posts do show cameras rolling in the background which can only imply that the proposal will be featured on an upcoming episode.

In January, Cheyenne touched upon the possibility of marriage, and let’s face it…it’s been on the minds of fans for a while now:
“It’s definitely a conversation…I just think with COVID and stuff, it puts it on hold. When we do get married, we want to have a big wedding and we can’t do that right now of course. We don’t want to have any limitations for what we want to do. It’s an ongoing conversation but one for the future.”
Cheyenne also briefly touched upon how her daughter Ryder feels about Zach in general:
“She liked him from the beginning…It’s definitely become full circle just because Zach and I dated when I was pregnant with Ryder. Ryder is going to be four this year and now we’re expecting a baby. It’s definitely an overwhelming feeling sometimes.”


Rapper Lil Mosey Wanted for Rape

Up and coming rapper Lil Mosey has gotten himself into A LOT of trouble.

Credit IVN

Lil Mosey (Lathan Moses Stanley Echols), came to fame in late 2017 with his single “Pull Up”. His debut album Northsbest included another hit of his “Noticed”. His second album Certified Hitmaker peaked at number 12 on the US Billboard 200. His most popular song would be “Blueberry Faygo”, which peaked at number 8 on Billboard Hot 100.
The rapper was due in court for second-degree rape on Wednesday but never showed up which now makes the nineteen-year-old a wanted man.
The unfortunate story is as follows:
A woman claimed that she and a friend went up to see Mosey in a cabin but ended up getting raped by him and another man. Apparently, the woman agreed to have sex with Mosey but blacked out after consuming too many White Claws and champagne. She stated that Mosey got on top of her and was pushing her legs apart while he was having sex with her. This resulted in pains in her leg muscles.
The woman would then state that she would wake up to see the other man forcing himself upon her. She would suffer numerous bruises on her arms, neck, and inner knee. She also claimed to have gotten a message from one of the individuals at the party saying that Mosey and the guys were talking about “training two girls.”
If convicted Lil Mosey can spend a maximum sentence of life in prison.


Digital Underground’s Shock G Dead at 57

Shock G (Gregory Jacobs), the frontman of Digital Underground has passed away.

Credit Complex Jacob’s father

Edward Racker found his son in his hotel room in Tampa Florida. The cause of death has yet to be determined but an autopsy is currently being conducted. Shock would start Digital Underground with Chopmaster J and the late Kenny K in California way back in 1987.
In 1990, Digital Underground would release their debut album Sex Packets. The song “The Humpty Dance” was a massive hit (still a banger) and would reach No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Shock G was partially responsible for bringing Tupac into the music world. Digital Underground’s “Same Song” featured the iconic rapper.
Shock and Tupac would also work together in Pac’s 1993 song “I Get Around”. Shock would also act as one of the producers of Tupac’s 1991 debut album, “2pacalypse Now”.Chopmaster J would post the following Instagram tribute to his friend:

“34 years ago almost to the day we had a wild idea we can be a hip hop band and take on the world,” he wrote, “through it all the dream became a reality and the reality became a nightmare for some. And now he’s awaken from the fame long live shock G Aka Humpty Hump and Rest In Peace my Brotha Greg Jacobs!!!”


Teen Mom: The Escalating Conflict Between Amber and Kristina

Fans are more than aware of the escalating drama between Amber and Kristina, with poor little Leah at the center of all of these shenanigans.
The drama escalated earlier this season when Leah made it known to Gary that she didn’t want Amber at her birthday party, stating that in regards to Amber:

Credit MTV

“Twelve years and she hasn’t really done anything. That’s kind of been Kristina’s spot.”
Harsh…but the kid’s not exactly wrong. Leah would eventually invite Amber, as Gary suggested it was the right thing to do (it was), and Amber would respond by not going entirely.Kristina would reply to all of this:
“I’m just the bonus mom.”
Amber and Gary would view this scene with Dr. Drew and Nessa and it’s clear that Amber was pretty hurt by Kristina’s response. She believed that Kristina could have “said a bit more.” Amber would bring the focus in on herself (as she normally does):
“Sometimes I get pushed to the side, obviously — she just said it,”
Dr. Drew would agree with Amber and state things involving Leah were considered “touchy, emotional, hot button issues” and that it was understandable for Amber to feel the way she was feeling.
Amber would stop Dr. Drew and let the claws come out once again on Kristina.
“I’m going to stop this right now… We’re going to end this on a positive. Thank you, Gary, so much for that. I really enjoyed seeing that. That was amazing to hear you actually sticking up for me. But your wife is absolutely horrible at it.”
Amber would continue to praise her relationship with Gary:
“You are a great person — you have always been there for me when I’ve asked you to be there for me. You said I could trust you, and I did trust you… But I can’t trust your wife. And she has sat there and gotten in the way of me and my daughter over and over and over again, as you have tried to push me toward my daughter.”
Before leaving the set in distraught, Amber would state that her and Kristina would never have a “good relationship”.


Teen Mom OG: Tensions Between Taylor and Larry

Everyone is well aware of the termination of Jen and Larry Edwards, but the couple made an appearance on the “Teen Mom OG Reunion” special. Of course…things got heated between Jen and Larry and Maci and Taylor.
Tensions between the couples would rise when Dr. Drew questioned Larry about a tabloid interview in which Larry blamed Maci for limited visitations for Bentley. Taylor would come to Maci’s defense and state that they had been doing everything to help Bentley due to Ryan’s absence in his life.

Credit The Sun

Dr. Drew would continue to stoke the fire (he’s very good at this) by asking Larry about Maci “putting things in Bentley’s head.” At this point it’s visibly clear that Larry is agitated, stating that he never said those exact words but elaborated on the fact that a twelve-year-old could be manipulated.
Dr. Drew would comment on the rising tensions and asked if the relationship between everyone could be healed.
Maci would then remark that she was quite shocked at the manipulation accusations, stating that she didn’t know they existed.
At this point, the tears would flow, and the tissues would rise as Jen would state that Maci knew she and Larry were in the middle of everything as well as comment on how much they loved their grandson, as well as their ongoing support for Ryan.
Larry would lean forward, hands arched with frustration stirring in his eyes. With a visible heat radiating off of him to the point where his glasses appeared to be foggy. Larry would remark on the fact that Maci believed they put Bentley in an unsafe situation.
“Let me tell you something. Never would that ever happen.”
This would prompt Jen to try and calm down Larry…
Taylor would remark: “Don’t you buck up to me.”
He would then lean forward to Larry with all of his focus on Bentley’s grandfather:
“When you’re forcing him when y’all are showing up to something and you’re telling him, ‘Go over there and give your dad a hug. Go take a picture with your dad.’ Bentley is a child… Stop forcing a relationship on the child. Stop guilt-tripping him into it.”
This prompted both wives to get involved, unfortunately to no avail.
Taylor would snarl: “You’re a sorry son of a bitch.”
This caused Dr. Drew to get involved, stating that these tensions and actions weren’t “putting Bentley first”.
The anger and animosity would reach an all-time high as Larry brought up a phone conversation between the Bentley and Taylor from three years ago as the scene cut to black.


Teen Mom OG: Taylor viciously opens up about Ryan

Taylor had some harsh words for Ryan when asked about him during the “Teen Mom: Og Reunion”.
It’s no secret that Ryan has had his fair share of concerns throughout the last few years. The primary concern now would be that Bentley has come to an age where he’s very aware of what’s going on and has been pretty open about his negative feelings towards Ryan because of his actions. Maci was questioned about if she wanted Ryan to be part of Bentley’s life or out of it completely and she had the following to say:

Credit Monsters and Critics

“stuck in this tango of is this gonna happen or not”
Taylor would side up with Maci and acknowledge Bentley for speaking out before taking a few blows at Ryan.
“What stands out to me most is Bentley is becoming a young man. I think he’s shown the Edwards that he’s found his voice, he has a voice, he can think for himself…I think every week when you watch a new episode, you think Ryan can’t possibly be any dumber than he is and he will prove you wrong the next week. That guy will really show you how big a piece of s— he is.”
Taylor would continue with how Ryan had treated Maci in the past.
“Y’all saw the clip, he sat there and called my wife a bitch. In past seasons, the things he’s done toward Bentley, poking fun of him, making fun of him, calling him a cry baby, enough’s enough…Be a man. Come sit out here, don’t be a coward. Come sit on the couch with us. I would speak to him, he won’t speak to us.”
Taylor would also elaborate on the fact that Ryan saw Maci as a “trigger”, and that he wanted to focus on his relationship with his son:
“That’s fine, but my only thing is don’t sit over there and call her a bitch, don’t pick on your son,” said Taylor, “if you got something to say, come out here and say it.”
The couple was eventually asked if they believed that Ryan was sober, in which they both disagreed.
“This is our opinion, but it’s based off when he shows up to something or when you see him sitting there in a scene and he can’t hardly hold his eyes open…That’s not a place that I feel safe to send our son, with that guy.”
Taylor and Maci were eventually joined by Ryan’s parents, Jen and Ryan and things only escalated from there on out. You can check out the heated confrontation below.


Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry admits to suffering from loneliness

“Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry recently admitted to experiencing moments of loneliness amongst being a single mother.The topic of “loneliness” came up when a fan asked her the following question:
“Dealing with intermittent feelings of loneliness, not close to fam, advice?”

Credit Kailyn Lowry’s Instagram

Kailyn’s response was:
“I definitely experience this- even when my kids are next to me. I think staying busy and finding things that are fulfilling in other ways could be helpful. But also, I need tips too! LOL”
One of her followers asked if she was currently looking for a new boyfriend in which she replied with the following:
“No, no. I’m all the way good. But thanks for asking.”
She would also clarify that she wouldn’t consider getting back together with one of her ex’s.
Just a month ago, Kailyn sparked rumors that she had reunited with ex Chris Lopez. Kailyn talked about the possibility of “moving forward in a romantic relationship”, when considering their issues had been aired to the world.
“I’m on reality TV and my personal stuff is on the internet, and I have shared more than I probably should have in the past about my relationships. Is it possible to move forward in a romantic relationship with a partner after fights and a lot of personal drama with the relationship have gone public? Do you think couples can survive something like this?”On a recent episode of her podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama”, Kailyn revealed that she’s never gotten along with all three of her baby daddies at the same time. Stating that there was a moment when that happened but it didn’t last long as things became a disaster relatively quickly.
“It’s usually I’m arguing with two out of three. Always. I want to say things were really good with all three of them before.”


Teen Mom OG: Ryan Edwards on the Relapse Rumors

During the “Teen Mom OG” Season 9 reunion, Taylor stated that he believed that Ryan Edwards had relapsed on drugs.
Taylor would make the statement during the confrontation involving himself and Maci against Ryan’s parents Jen and Larry Edwards.


Credit HeavyRyan would eventually defend himself and question why McKinney thought he had relapsed and clarified that he was sober.
“I can see why he made the comment, but really I was just exhausted 99 percent of the time… Staying up all night then helping Mackenzie with kids in the day. That’s in between going back to the garage building my buggy to try and get it done for King of the Hammers off-road race.”
Ryan currently works a late-night job building cars for off-road races and stated that some nights he was so busy that he’d get a mere 15-20 minutes for a quick nap before he was back to work:
“Imagine hand-building and fabricating everything you see on a car by yourself in a little less than a year. Covid ended up getting in the way too much and I didn’t get it done in time, but we will get there next year!”
Taylor would elaborate on the fact that he didn’t think Ryan was sober, bringing up the fact that there were numerous scenes where Ryan couldn’t even keep his eyes open. He also stated that he didn’t “feel safe” with Bentley and Ryan spending time together.
Ryan would respond in an interview by calling Taylor a “punk b***h.”
“People do that because they feel incompetent, threatened, or less than whatever makes him feel that way. He could be like my one-year-old that does stuff like that for attention,”Ryan would also discuss how he’s been trying to greatly distance himself from the “Teen Mom” spotlight (probably an extremely good idea). And even went as far as notating that his recent termination was a “blessing in disguise” and said that he and his parents are “so happy” for not being with the program.
Ryan closed with:
“This is the happiest I’ve been since before I started taking pain killers. It makes me real happy to see my wife so happy so I couldn’t ask for much more,”


Teen Mom OG: MTV Reconsiders the shows future as Ratings Continue to Decline

It’s no secret that the ratings for the once-beloved “Teen Mom OG” are on a very steady and concerning decline.
With each new season comes new cast members, which inevitably means raises for the cast that’s already there. This has become concerning for the network, considering that the program is becoming less and less popular each week, which isn’t a good thing.

Credit MTV

The show has been renewed for another season, but the decline in ratings is still very concerning to studio executives.
The upcoming season is being known as “Season 9B” which is a bit peculiar. This has led many to believe that the upcoming season will be predominantly content shot from the Covid-19 pandemic.
Teen Mom was popular right out the gate. Receiving 2.1 million viewers in its premiere episode back in 2009. The Season 1 finale would grant them a whopping 3.6 million viewers. The viewers would only escalate from that point on.
However, after being on the air for over a decade, it’s no surprise that ratings would drop (this happens to a lot of shows).
Season 9A garnished viewership numbers of around 600,000. However, ratings would decline with each coming episode to the point where the April 6 episode granted a viewership of 501,000. An all-time low for the series.
The question now is how come MTV hasn’t cut ties with the show. Many believe the answer lies in the 9A/9B structure. Naming the upcoming season “9B” prevents producers from giving their stars a raise, considering the ninth season has been split into “two”.
This little loophole is pretty clever seeing as a tenth season for “Teen Mom OG” is very questionable. Stars might be temperamental due to the lack of a raise…or grateful that their show can go on for just a little bit longer.


Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Triller had another knockout in terms of programming and it involved YouTube “sensation” Jake Paul and Ex-UFC fighter Ben Askren.
You might all remember when Jake Paul took on former NBA star Nate Robinson a few months ago with a very impressive knockout that floored the basketball player. The YouTube star’s winning streak would only continue, this time knocking out former UFC fighter Ben Askren.

Credit Insider

In Askren’s defense, he’s not a boxer. Plain and simple the man is a wrestler, and he had a good amount of his UFC co-workers by his side in terms of quite simply slamming Jake Paul to the mat putting the arrogant YouTube star in his place for once.
Unfortunately, Paul would win with a knockdown in a questionable first-round knockout. Questionable meaning that many thought Askrem could have gone for a few more minutes, but the damage was done and the ref called the match. Twitter would react in a respectable manner:
Ariel Helwani:
“Paul set it up with a jab and a straight right. Say what you will about Paul, he has power. He has fundamentals. There’s no debating this. The question is, who’s next and how far can this all go. So far, so good.”
@JakePaul beats @BenAskren by TKO in Round 1. 🔥🥊
UFC commentator/ex-champ Daniel Cormier was delightfully into the fight with the following tweet:

Paul took the victory without any doubt…but Askrem was all smiles with his wife Amy on the way back to the locker room which led many to believe he took the fall for a very generous payout.
The rest of the program was more or less a concert with no fans which featured the likes of The Black Keys, Saweetie (the best damn lip singer in the game), and Doja Cat. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40 lit up the stage for a wonderfully nostalgic performance. While Justin Bieber performed a few bangers from his new album. His performance was excellent and you could tell the guy truly missed performing.

The commentating lineup was having a blast too. Maybe too much of a blast if you listened to boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya for more than a minute (dude was blitzed AF). Oscar aside, you could tell Mario Lopez, Snoop Dogg and the rest of the bunch were just having fun.
The real show-stealer here was Pete Davidson. The SNL Alum, went off the rails whenever the camera was on him and it was fantastic. Check out the video below, it’s pure gold and I think the winner of the night goes to this kid hands down.


Teen Mom: Kailyn Lowry on Changing her Name

Kailyn Lowry has been a vital part of the Teen Mom series for over ten years. And while there have been a crazy amount of changes throughout her life, it seems as though it’s time for her to change her name entirely.

Credit Instagram

On a recent episode of the podcast Coffee & Convo’s, Kailyn revealed the meaning behind changing her name to Kail.
Kailyn has been called Kail by numerous co-stars on the show for years:
“But I already had branding in my name. My entire brand had already been Kail Lowry.”
She would confirm that on Teen Mom 2 they were officially changing her name:
“Well on Teen Mom 2 they’re finally changing it to Kail.”
Kailyn…or Kail would reveal that she had wanted a name change on the show for years, but it was never granted to her:
“For whatever reason they’ve had their nicknames on there since we started but I was never allowed to have my nickname.”