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Oklahoma Thunder And The Big Bird Theory “What’s Yours”? UFO?



You know, there are numerous theories about numerous topics we can be skeptical about. However, this one that I’m about to bring to your attention just plain odd.

As they were descending into Chicago in preparation for a game, something smacked into the nose of the plain causing a huge dent(see photograph attached).  Now Carmello Anthony posted this photo to his Instagram, with top theories being that they crashed into a bird, “Big Bird” from Sesame Street, a plane, and once again for sake of humor, Superman.  One of the flight attendants even verified on the Chicago Tribune article written by Katherine Rosenberg-Douglas and K.C. Johnson that she believes the plane hit or was hit by a bird.

My personal theory is that it was a flock of birds, more specifically, wood storks.  This already endangered species typically ranges from 2 ½ feet to 3 ¾ feet.  These are indeed big birds(pun intended).  One wood stork most likely wouldn’t be able to cause the damage captured in the picture attached, but a few most likely could have done it.  Thunder center, Steven Adams even took to Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy for answers on social media.

All-star point guard, Russel Westbrook was quoted when asked about the collision, saying, “You don’t ever take anything for granted. I just feel thankful and blessed they were able to land the plane, and everything was okay.  Seeing stuff like that just shows you how you cherish life and you understand the important things in life and embrace every moment”.

With the Thunder being off to an average start, wouldn’t it be funny it the plane was hit by, yes you guessed it, lightning?  All jokes aside, this was a scary descent for the entire team and coaching staff as air pressure had to remain stabilized and composure had to remain maintained.  Clearly, the freight shook up the players enough to play extraordinarily well against the Bulls, as they blew them out, 101-69.

Leave your comments and tell us your theory.




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