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Nick Jonas Gets Roasted And Fires Back


Zak Hanzal is a fan of Nick Jonas. He posted a picture with Nick on instagram quoting, “you need a few more inches, bruh.” This is a very delicate topic, if it’s not an utmost praise, because it will hurt celebrity’s feelings. Nick believes in his heart to be between 5’7″ and 5’9.” Nick’s reply to his fan, “you need some manners, bruh.” Then he added, “I didn’t need to stop and take that picture with you. Just rude. Very rude.” Fans reacted to defend Nick right away. One fan said, “He shouldn’t even have stopped for you… grow up.”



Another fan commented, “He takes time out to take a photo and that’s how you act? Get some manners.” Nick replied to his fans, “Hey y’all… it’s all good, no need to spread the hate. Everyone just calm the f— down!!” Yikes. Although there’s a big height difference in the picture, it certainly was irrelevant to make that type of remark. Especially in the way it was said. Aren’t celebrities are exposed to hearing it all? But when they’re too spoiled being praised beyond, it’s difficult not to react defensively. Perhaps it was the pressure of fans slashing out at fan, Zak Hanzel, so he apologized to Nick and they lived happily ever after. Self note: Never play a song by “Gillete” if you come across Nick Jonas.





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