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Mackenzie McKee claims Cheyenne Floyd has completely cut her off

The incident arose from a racial slur

A couple of months ago, “Teen Mom” star Mackenzie Mckee was chastised (rightfully so) by fans for calling Vice President Kamala Harris a “colored woman”.On Saturday, Mackenzie took to Instagram Live and brought up the controversial matter. However, the video has since been deleted…
Mackenzie started with:

Credit Mackenzie McKee Instagram

“My mouth has been forced shut for a long time and I feel like I deserve to get to use my voice,”
She would then touch upon Cheyenne:
“I talked to Cheyenne and I thought things were going to be amazing but it was just a downward spiral from there.”
She then brought up cancel culture:
“We need to get rid of the racism and racial injustice but I’m not racist. Cancel culture is too big, we’re canceling people left and right.”
Mackenzie would tell Cheyenne “I love you” in which she would reply with the following:
“I have no sympathy for you. Welcome to day 1 of being uncomfortable because of the color of your skin.”
Stating that despite her trying to plea her case, Cheyenne ultimately decided to cut her off.
Fans were quick to bring the hammer down on Mackenzie for her overall ignorance.
“Cancel culture” isn’t f**king new.”
“It’s just new for white people to be on the receiving end. She is so painfully stupid.”
“Okay but she’s ignorant and doesn’t actually want to stop and listen to and take in information.”
Mackenzie was accused of being a racist when she wrote the following on her Facebook page:
“Sorry, no. There are a lot of amazing women in the world for my daughters to look up to and see as role models. Kamala Harris is not one of them.”It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history.”
Again…in regards to the Instagram Video from this past weekend, Mackenzie has deleted the video.



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