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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Booed Over Eminem Diss By 1000s


Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t been a stranger to controversy lately. His ongoing beef with the almighty Eminem has him in a slump after his opening for ” Fallout “.

Does he really have what it takes to go up against one of the most feared men in the music industry?

I mean seriously, some of the greatest rappers have not dared to start drama with Eminem, so why MGK?

Well lets take it back to one of Machine Gun Kellys old tweets



Let’s just say Eminem didn’t like this comment so much. What father would want someone drewling over there kid? Of course you might think this is just like any other rap beef, just going to get everyone excited and hyped up, then all of a sudden they become best friends and do a collaboration song together and make tons of money. That’s usually the end game for rap beef, is just tons of more money for all artists involved, right?


Wrong! One thing Machine Gun Kelly didn’t anticipate is the amount of power Eminem has in the music industry. Seriously, the guy can end peoples careers with just 1 phone call. I think maybe thats why other artists have avoided even battling Eminem, because they fear the impact he can have on there career. Is there some sort of master plan here like other rap beefs? Or will this just be the assasination of MGKs career?

From what we’ve gathered, MGKs Rap Devil video is blocked on youtube from streaming in all countries, was this by the hands of Eminem? Who knows but its definately a coincedence, after Eminems ” KillShot” song came out. Lets see what song is favored by fans



Looks like Eminem’s song hit the home run here. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Ok now lets talk about the fact that MGK was booed off of stage. According to fans in the audience they were pissed that MGK tricked them into throwing up the middle finger then snapping a pic with his Kill Shot shirt.


Once he began performing his Eminem Diss ” Rap Devil ” the audience went from clapping to booeing him pretty loud there. ( Please check out the video below )









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