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Kris Jenner May Have No Choice But To Take Legal Action Against Ava Louise

Louise became vocal after the Kim and Kanye split

A representative for Kris Jenner states that she has no idea who Ava Louise is, continuing that if she continues to concoct fake stories there could be legal repercussions.

Credit: Ava Louise Instagram

Social Media influencer Ava Louise was responsible for sparking the rumors between Kanye West and Jeffree Star. Later in the week, Star would deny any rumors that there was a thing between the two.
The rumors would spread across social media like a hypnotic wildfire. Ava would admit that she concocted the entire scenario as well as the fact that she received a cease and desist letter which threatened legal action if Ava didn’t cool it on the rumors involving Kim and Kanye.
However, a representative for Kris would later state that the cease and desist letter was totally made up: “We have zero clue who this person is and have not yet taken legal action. However, if she continues to spread lie after lie and a fake letter in a desperate cry for public attention, which she has admitted on record that she’s seeking, then we will have no choice but to take legal action on principle… Making up fake stories in an effort to monetize and get attention which has a direct effect on people’s lives is not OK. Perhaps she should spend that time instead seeking the help that she clearly needs to deal with her issues.”
Louise gained popularity (or notoriety) by licking a toilet seat in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. She would only gain traction for her wild TikTok’s and through various things that she would say and do. A song she recorded on her TikTok would only increase her fame.
Only time will tell if Ava continues with her shenanigans in the brewing pot of Kim and Kanye.



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