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Kanye West Sued for $30 Million in damages from his Sunday Service Labor Practices

Many performers and workers are coming forward with what had gone wrong

It appears as though Kanye West is being sued for up to $30 Million in damages from his Sunday Service Labor Practices.
West is facing two class-action lawsuits which are coming from disgruntled performers and staff members, from his ravishing Sunday Service show.

Credit NME

Page Six stated that the lawsuit was filed this past summer in Los Angeles and it’s said that it’s divided between performers and crew. Frank Kim is representing more than 500 performers while attorneys Harris and Ruble are representing approximately 300 crew members. Statements arose from the angry employees at an alarming rate. A hairstylist named Raina Leon claimed she had to wait 120 days to receive a $550 paycheck for work she had done back in November 2019. A performer named Michael Pearson was paid a flat rate of $250, regardless of hours, and was not permitted meal or restroom breaks. Pearson also stated that performers would stand all day or sit on the floor when there weren’t enough chairs for everyone. They would also end their days by walking home when a shuttle wasn’t provided for them. It was also stated that West’s performance at the Hollywood Bowl in 2019, violated California labor laws by not paying employees on time, if at all, as well as denying overtime, meal, or restroom breaks. A source said: No one knows how involved Kanye himself was if he knew what was going on, as it was all so last minute, it was terribly run. Whether it was mismanagement, accidental, or on purpose, this is a very strong case.”It is said that if West chooses to fight the allegations, his payout could be as high as $30 million. Another suit was filed against West in August of 2020, which was also linked to West’s Sunday Service. This suit stated that its employees were stiffed for six months of work on Sunday Service related technology. The suit claims that West’s lack of payment is tantamount to the theft of the tech. West has yet to comment on the situation.



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