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Justin Bieber Claims He Is A New Man…Will He Retire Soon?



I’ve always rooted for Justin Bieber, and in a sense, I can kind of see some of myself in him.  We both were adorable boys growing up (although he never seemed to get out of the spotlight as a kid).  We both have had our setbacks, and at times plunged deep into the sorrows of our own hearts and mind.  However, one thing is for sure, Bieber is headed back in the right direction.

Although Bieber and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez have been blowing up the spotlight with their relationship status recently, news just came out that Bieber is transforming back into his pure innocent self once again.  It was stated that Bieber thanked his church leader for helping him change his life around.  Bieber was quoted on Instagram stating, “I have learned so much from you, I’m a better man because of you.  I’m a better friend because of you.  You have been a true example of what Following Jesus looks like and I’m so grateful I get to walk through this life knowing you!” when speaking about his church leader.





There was a point years ago where Justin was getting tatted up and was a real bad boy (or maybe wanna-be) and rabble-rouser that I actually thought he was right around the corner from developing a serious mental illness.  Although he did state he was having a hard time mentally at the time, I don’t believe any reports have come out about a diagnosis or self-admittance to having a serious mental illness.

Hopefully, this will transpire into some good music again like the hits that he made at a kid; just from a more mature vantage point.  We will also continue to hope that Justin can continue to keep the faith and positive attitude, and not go astray again, as those were some sad days, in my opinion for the Bieber legacy.  Don’t let these girls distract you, Justin.



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