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Jersey Shore: JWoww and Snooki Reunite!

But…it was for their Daughters <3

Atlantic City had a little Jersey Shore reunion over the weekend, but it wasn’t in the way people would have imagined.

Credit Snooki Instagram

Snooki and JWoww reunited in Atlantic City but it was for their daughter’s cheer competition, and although Snooki’s daughter Giovanna and Jenni’s Melani aren’t on the same team the two are still the best of friends.
Throughout the year’s fans have seen Snooki and Jwoww’s friendship go from good to fantastic and now fans are watching the two of them be great mothers. The two made a trip to Atlantic City to cheer on their daughters for their cheerleader competition. A location the two would go to for partying till sunrise. Snooki would post a picture on her Instagram in full support of Giovanna and her team.
JWoww would also post the cheer competition with her and her family, as well as their wonderful little vacation in general. On one of her posts, she remarked: “So glad you guys are apart of the cheer world!!!” as she was implying her gal pal Snooki.
Props to the two and I hope their friendship grows from here 😊



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