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Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Attend Billionaire Wedding “Let’s Look At The Dress”


When Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, attended the wedding of billionaire, Marc Lasry’s daughter in NYC.

Ms. Lopez wore a $1,300. beautiful teal gown to this black-tie affair. It seemed to not allow her to breathe quite well. Sounds like a last minute final clearance deal from Bloomingdale’s. After all, she is a very busy woman.

Can any other celebrity match her in the glamour department? She could have just had one of those “bloated” days. Her hair was simply down. …very simply simple that is… As she walked between cars, most likely wondering if she will pop out of her gown during the event, Lopez did not forget her signature hoola hoop earrings.

We should hope nothing gets trapped or stuck in there. Looks like at least she had time to get her nails done, which look fabulous carrying a glittery silver clutch with gold strappy heels. Hmm… One must have her stylist’s information so we know when not to ever contact him/her. We ought to be sure this was just a little hickup.

For the love of fashion and all that lies between us. May fashion be with us all. We all are all doomed to have our highs and our Lo’s in fashion.




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